On 24 November 2009, the EGGERT GUSTAVS GESELLSCHAFT e. V. was founded in Neuruppin.

Purpose and goals of the Association

  • The purpose of the Association is to promote the arts and culture.
  • Its key priority is to make the life and work of the painter and graphic artist Eggert Gustavs (1909–1996) accessible to a wider public.
  • The goals of the Association also include research, documentation, and publication of the artistic work of Eggert Gustavs based on his extensive estate.
  • Changing presentations from this stock are one of the main activities of the Art Association. In addition, an exhibition forum can be offered to contemporary artists of different styles who are closely associated with the Island of Hiddensee or the City of Neuruppin.
  • The Association promotes and organizes exhibitions, studio visits, discussions with artists, as well as lectures and events of a similar nature.

The following persons were elected to the board of directors:

  • Studienrat Karsten Gustavs, senior teacher, as chairman
  • Heiko Gustavs, authorized signatory, as deputy chairman
  • Björn Gustavs, software developer, as treasurer

If you are interested in supporting and promoting the initiatives of the Association, you can apply to become a supporting member by using an informal application for admission .

The Association Eggert Gustavs Gesellschaft e. V. serves solely tax-advantage charitable purposes. According to the certificate 052/140/15945 from the Revenue Agency Kyritz, the Association is authorized to issue donation receipts.

The Association was registered in the Register of Associations at the District Court of Neuruppin with the file number VR 4071 NP.


Eggert Gustavs Gesellschaft e.V.
Am Bau 12
18565 Kloster

Phone: 038300 605665

Bank information

Eggert Gustavs Gesellschaft e.V.
IBAN: DE86 1605 0202 1720 0477 20